Award Categories

Award Categories

Businesses are not evaluated based on their sectoral achievements but on excellence attained in the different fundamental areas that are pertinent to every organisation. SOBA will further categorise each Top-of-the-Class Awards into two further sub-categories, that is enterprises with sales turnover of up to RM25 million, and that of above RM25 million.

Kindly indicate in the Application Form whether you are applying for the category with up to or RM25 million & above.

Top Of The Class Awards

Best Brand

This award goes to the local company that has invested in building a strong local brand that is valued and appreciated by the public.

Best in CSR

This award is intended to recognise local enterprises’ practices in corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) including apportioning part of their profits and other resources to serve the needs of the community.

Best in Customer Service

This award is intended to accredit the local enterprise or service provider who excel in providing exemplary service to their customers with the overall best customer service practices and customer service programmes to drive loyalty and develop deeper relationships with their customers.

Best in e-Retail

Awarded to local enterprises that achieved exceptional online sales performance in addition to demonstrating commitment and strong market leadership and true innovation to excel in online retailing platform(s) to provide best online shopping experience.

Best Employer

This award is intended to accredit the local enterprise with the overall best human capital practices, which includes impressive physical working conditions and excellent benefits made available to its employees.

Best Green Initiative

Awarded to the local enterprise that exhibits high environmental awareness, particularly with regard to its production facilities and procedures, specific environmental programmes or initiatives undertaken as part of the local enterprise’s overall vision and mission.

Best Halal Product / Service

This award goes to local enterprise that have invested in building a strong local halal products/services that have outstanding success and are valued by the public.

Best Innovation

This Award is for companies with the most innovative ideas, processes, products and/or services that have contributed to the success of the companies and their employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. Innovation occurs by design and by using methods, practices and techniques, often beyond the use of a new tool or technology.

Best in Marketing

This award honours marketing innovation, creativity and excellence, and recognises marketing strategies, programmes and campaigns, from concept to execution, that have made a positive impact and have driven business success.

Best in Retail

This award goes to the retailer who has adopted effective, innovative and creative marketing initiatives to promote its products and offers the best shopping experience to their customers.

Best Use of Technology

This award goes to the company that has most effectively leveraged and integrated technology in their business to have an edge in today’s marketplace. The award rewards companies applying technological developments and/or digital delivery to break new grounds or enhance their current product and/or service offerings.

Rising Star Award

This Award is for the best new, up-and-coming local enterprise (less than 3 years in operations) which has displayed great potential to become a successful player in the local and / or international market.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Male / Female / Young)

This award is intended to recognise the most outstanding local entrepreneur who has propelled his / her company forward with vision, innovation and strategies. The incumbent should have demonstrated exemplary management and would be leading a company with an admirable and profitable track record.

Similar to the Top of the Class Awards, these awards are also available under both tiers i.e. company with sales turnover up to RM25 million and RM25 million & above.

Elite Entrepreneur of the Year

A new outstanding achievement award aimed to single out one of the six (6) Par Excellence Entrepreneur of the Year winners in both the up to RM25 million and above RM25 million company sales turnover tiers. To be the best of the best, the finalists will have to be further interviewed and assessed by a final panel of judges comprising one representative from each of the initial panels of judges.

Malaysian Business of the Year Award

Awarded to local enterprises that achieved exceptional online sales performance in addition to The Malaysian Business of the Year award is the pinnacle award for SOBA and is awarded under both tiers i.e. one, for the enterprise with sales turnover up to RM25 million and another for the organisation with sales turnover of RM 25 million & above.

No separate application is required to be submitted for this award. As mentioned above, the winner of the Malaysian Business of the Year Award will be selected out of three (3) shortlisted participants by the final panel of judges. Shortlisted participants will be identified based the aggregate of top scores from up to three (3) Top of the Class Awards. Shortlisted participants will be invited to Menara Star (virtually or physically) to present before the panel of judges in English / BM Language.

The winner is generally the best in the market with an exemplary track record in most areas.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

SOBA Mikro Recognition Award

By Nomination Only

This award recognises local Mikro brands/businesses which have displayed great potential for business growth in the market and contributed to the nation’s economy.

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