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Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai
Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
Star Media Group Berhad

Every business starts with a dream of making it big. The climb to the top is never easy and there are always new peaks to conquer. Along the way, it is good to savour the achievements so far and to be motivated by them.

And success is sweetest when it comes with the recognition that you are among the best. This is why we are proud to honour Malaysia's small and medium-sized enterprises through the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA).

Despite the name, the small and medium-sized enterprises are a huge contributor to the nation and the economy. To underscore their importance, SOBA not only highlights their key accomplishments but also encourages them and other up-and-coming businesses to keep growing and improving.

Since 2010, the awards have been presented to local companies that stand out among their peers in areas that truly make a difference, such as marketing, branding, corporate social responsibility, innovation, human capital and environmental awareness. Our goal is to inspire the country's small and medium-sized enterprises to fulfil their potential and make a name for themselves.

SOBA is not only about collecting prestigious accolades. It is also a benchmarking platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to gauge where they stand within their industries and how far they have progressed. We urge local businesses to seize this opportunity to take stock of the things they have done well and to figure out what more has to be done to reach the next level. There is much to learn when success shines a light on winning ideas and strategies.

Last year, we decided that each of our Top-of-the-Class Awards would be open to two sub-categories - enterprises with sales turnover of up to RM25mil, and those with sales turnover of more than RM25mil. This change resulted in an overwhelming response. We acknowledge that this structure allowed a wider range of businesses to get the best out of SOBA and we are happy to continue with it in 2017.

At the heart of SOBA is a deep appreciation for the integral role of businesses in the nation's development. The sturdiness of our companies has a bearing on the strength and stability of the country. Malaysia needs worthy champions.

Our judging process will thus remain stringent to ensure that only enterprises with excellent strategies and performance emerge as award winners. There are no shortcuts in the journey to discover exceptional role models for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, but at the end, the rewards for everybody are fine indeed.

Are you ready for SOBA 2017?

Here's wishing you all the best in your quest for greater success.

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