SOBA 2013


Businesses are the backbone of our nation. Building and growing a business is no easy feat. I have been involved in starting up a number of businesses and I know what a painstakingly challenging process it is to ensure your organisation grows. It is not an easy task and comes with numerous challenges and with sleepless nights. In homage for these leaders, The Star Business Awards, in its fourth instalment, seek to ‘Honour the Best in Malaysian Business’ and to highlight these businesses and their leaders that have done so much to help grow this nation.

Last year, over a hundred submissions were received, highlighting the number of companies that sought the recognition that comes with these awards. We believe the Awards are a testament of the great work being done by these businesses and a platform to stamp their mark and highlight their achievements.

The Star Business Awards are continually evolving to ensure our awards truly represent the best in class. One thing that hasn’t evolved is the judging process, which remains stringent to ensure the top-notch standards and quality of the awards. Through these awards, many successful SMEs and entrepreneurs have progressed to become well-known names in the market.

The Star has long been supporting the growth and development of the country’s businesses. Star boasts print pullouts and sections like StarBiz, StarBizWeek and MetroBiz, and a training organisation called Leaderonomics to support the growth and development of businesses in our nation. Today, with The Star Business Awards, we hope to be able to fully honour and give prominence to these companies with outstanding achievements, who have developed their employees and grown their businesses.

The Star is proud to play a role in building outstanding Malaysian businesses. We hope that more companies will come forward to participate in the awards. Truly, with The Star Business Awards, companies and entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, can stand tall among other national and global players, and be a catalyst for growth and inspiration for all.

Wishing each of you best wishes for the awards and I look forward to meeting each of you to personally congratulate you. We also look forward to a future partnership to help your business grow through our branding platforms or our training and development services. Warm wishes to you all.

Roshan Thiran

About SOBA

The Star Business Awards are The Star’s awards recognising up-and-coming enterprises and their contributions to the Malaysian economy. In line with the Government’s commitment to develop homegrown enterprises, The Star Business Awards seek to inspire and encourage local businesses to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services to the world.

To encourage businesses to soar beyond the usual boundaries, these awards will be presented to local enterprises for excelling in areas that span across sectors.This means not only looking at businesses that do well with their bottom lines, but that are at the forefront in anticipating the future needs not only of the company, but also of the economic sector in which they operate. An enterprise that knows how to adjust its operational procedures to meet environmental concerns, and in the process grow its profits, will stand out.

Particular attention will be given to local businesses that export their products or services, as they help to promote Malaysia as a global centre of commercial excellence. It is envisaged that the The Star Business Awards winners are looking towards listing on the Malaysian stock exchange in the not too distant future.


The Star Business Awards (SOBA) are established to promote excellence and stimulate positive competition, showcasing the achievements attained by outstanding businesses with the following key objectives:

  • To recognise the role and contributions of outstanding businesses towards the nation and the economy;
  • To encourage local enterprises to continue developing and elevating their businesses;
  • To motivate and inspire home-grown businesses to aim for excellence in their products and services;
  • To celebrate and highlight the achievements of local enterprises that have contributed to the growth of the community; and
  • To inspire and encourage local businesses to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services to the world.

Awards Timeline

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Judging of Entries
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